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Nadia Vella - One of the founding members of Hamster Club Malta
Author: Patrick Cutajar
Source: www.hamster-club.com

The Best Hamster BookNadia Vella is one of the founding members of Hamster Club Malta.  Nadia Vella has a vast experience on hamsters; having adopted hamsters for several years made her aware that there should be more information and exposure to these cute small pets.
Nadia Vella won several awards amongst which the award as an Expert Author for writing hamster articles and she is also a hamster expert at allexperts.com. Nadia Vella believes in natural remedies which can help a sick hamster feel better.
The hamster's health section was supplied by Nadia Vella which offers lots of natural remedies that can be used by hamster owners if a vet is not available. Some vets may not know specifically how to make hamsters feel better since most vets in most small countries do not specialise on hamsters! 
That is why Nadia Vella believes that natural hamster remedies are very important to safeguard the hamster's life; even though a hamster is small in size, it does not mean that it should not be given importance, love and cure.  Natural remedies will help a sick hamster feel better if a vet is not available.
Nadia Vella also wrote our hamster book which is called 'Hamster Club Guide Book'.  Click here to preview a few pages of the hamster book. - ISBN 978-99932-0-721-4 
Nadia Vella also represented 'Hamster Club' on various programmes aired on local radios and TV stations.
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