The Cutest Hamster Pics The Internet Has To Offer

on’t you just love it when a hamster is in the room? It radiates such amazing energy and joy! These cute little creatures are so full of life and have a way of catching your attention. Needless to say, they’re not just fun pets. They’re also the perfect subjects to photograph! No wonder we see people posting hamster pictures on the internet.

Do you know that a hamster once earned a Guinness World Record? In 1974, a hamster in Louisiana gave birth to 26 baby hamsters. The average number is 8 babies per litter. And since we’re talking about awards, hamsters hands down win the “Cutest Animal Ever Award”. Ok, it’s not an official award, but don’t dare tell us they don’t deserve it. Maybe it’s because their tiny little bodies are like marshmallows. Maybe it’s because they have such sweet faces and small paws. Or maybe it’s because they move around so quickly, it’s as if they know you want to wrap your hands around them, but they make sure you can’t catch them. Whatever the reason, we think these cute hamster pictures show they may be small, but they have big personalities. Warning: cuteness overload ahead!

Hamsters Doing A Snooze


I Think Biscuit Likes His New Hamster Bed


Hamster Preaching To His People


Tiny Hamster Butt


This Is Toast. He Just Finished Running Laps Behind The Couch Cushions. He’s One Ecstatic Hamster


It Took Us 1984 Hours To Create This Miniature Town For Hamsters


I Gave My Pea A Grain Stick And He Immediately Hugged It Like It Was His Treasure


Just A Little Hamster Enjoying Some Snacks In Their Tiny Clay Cup


The King Of Cuteness


Mango Enjoying His Sunday Morning Charcuterie


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