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Hamster-Club 2nd birthday!

We are happy to announce that Hamster-Club.com is now 2 years old! During the last couple of years, Hamster-Club.com grew more and gave more hamster information, hamster newsletters, hamster videos, hamster games and hamster articles! Click here to read more!


Hamster Shows - Showing your hamster

Do you love hamster shows? Then this article is just for you! What does a hamster need to get into a show? What characteristics do the judges look for in a hamster? To know more please click here!


The Roborovski hamster!

Do you like very small hamsters? Then the Roborovski hamster is the right one for you!! Click here to read interesting facts about this type of hamster!


A hamster's teeth

How should you take care of your hamster's teeth? What should you do if your hamster's teeth break?

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