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Photo by Kim Green 

If you are thinking about getting a hamster, please adopt one from a rescue group rather than buying from a pet store or breeder. There are many wonderful hamsters waiting to be adopted. To find a hamster rescue centre, do a search for "hamster rescue" on the Internet or check the ''small and furry" category on www.petfinder.com

If you prefer to buy a hamster from somewhere else, you may buy one from a pet shop (usually these house various types of hamsters). Make sure that it is a good pet shop, that houses its pets in good conditions with the cage clean, good bedding, fresh water and food.  Breeders usually breed different types of hamsters and you may opt for a hamster breeder if you prefer a specific coat colour for your hamster. After buying the hamster, think of a hamster name which could be suitable for the type, colour and character of your new hamster.

A hamster will take little space in a home and you can enjoy a hamster's company irrespective of whether you live in an apartment or a house with a garden. Hamsters are cute, fluffy and have big eyes and pouches to match.

Hamsters are cheap to buy and inexpensive to keep. Hamsters are quiet and never annoy the neighbors. There are drawbacks to every pet and the hamster is no exception. You should never disturb a hamster that is asleep or else it can get sick. Also, hamsters are nocturnal which means that you will have to play with them in the evening or night.

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