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    A A Hamster Shop
    Our Hamster Shop

    • Our Hamster Shop with great hamster gifts including hamster charms, hamster figurines, hamster erasers, hamster keychains, hamster rings, hamster shirts and much more!

  • A Facebook Hamster Page

    • Best Hamster Club facebook page.

  • A Hamster Book - Hamster Club Guide Book
    Hamster Book - Hamster Club Guide Book

    • Hamster Club Guide book is the ultimate hamster book for all hamster owners since it provides lots of expert hamster advice. This hamster book will help you with most aspects of hamster housing, feeding a hamster, hamster behaviour, hamster reproduction, hamster health and hamster important tips! This hamster book is also full of beautiful coloured hamster photos and also provides lots of natural remedies to use when a rodent vet is not available. Published in 2009. Price: only €4.99! ISBN 978-99932-0-721-4

  • A Hamster Charm

    • Cutest hamster charm ever!

  • A Hamster Club
    Best Hamster Club

    • Hamster-Club.com is the best hamster club where you will find all you need to know about Hamsters; the different types of hamsters, their food, breeding, life span, housing and health. Also you will find different interesting articles that will cover many aspects about hamsters, hamster games, hamster books, hamster videos, hamster products and much more.

  • A Hamster Club Facebook Account
    A Facebook Hamster Club

    • This is hamster-club's facebook section where hamster lovers can share and discuss hamster issues directly from facebook!

  • A Hamster Flickr Account by Nadia Vella
    A Hamster Flickr Account by Nadia Vella

    • This flickr account is of one of the founders of our Hamster Club: Nadia Vella.

  • An updated Twitter account named The Hamster Book

    • An updated Twitter account named The Hamster Book.

  • Campbellīs Russian Dwarf Hamsters Blog
    The blog about Campbellīs Russian Dwarf Hamsters

    • The blog about Campbellīs Russian Dwarf Hamsters.

  • Custard Hamstery

    • Hello, and welcome to Custard Hamstery's Website! We are a family of three (Lynne (Mum), Iain (Dad) and Anastasia (Daughter))who have a small Hamstery, based in West Yorkshire, who breed occasional litters. All our hamsters are of show standard, but are bred for temperament over show quality. We breed many different colour and coat varieties, but our preferred ones are cream (red & black eyed), cinnamon, satin and longhair.

  • Hamleto The Hamster

    • Hamleto The Hamster is a comic strip that speaks about hamster and people. In other words, it's a comic strip that speaks about animals.

  • Hammysworld.com

    • Syrian hamster breeder, also information on care and health of the Syrian hamster.

  • Hamster Cages

    • hamsterhamsters.com - hamster cages.

  • Hamster Care and Hamster Fun

    • Hamsters are cute little rodents that need caring for, this web site will tell you all that needs to be known about hamster care.

  • Hamster Classifieds

    • You can find here hamsters for sale, free to good home and for adoption. Also you can place your ads.

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