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Hamster Club featured in Newspapers!
Author: Nadia vella
Source: www.hamster-club.com

Hamster-Club.com is very proud to announce that it was featured by local newspapers amongst which 'Il-Mument' in Malta in November/December 2008.  
The featured article in 'Il-Mument' mainly focuses and gives basic information about the Hamster Club and Guinea pig Club
here in Malta!  
These clubs are Hamster-club.com and Guineapigsclub.com and its guinea pig network Guineapigsnetwork.com  
During the past year, both sites gained lots of awards, the sites expanded with more information, more hamster and guinea pig games, videos, articles and more visitors subscribing to our monthly newsletters.
We would like to thank all our visitors and hamster lovers for their support in making this happen!  
Kind Regards

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