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Hamster Poems
Author: L.Neeharika
Source: www.hamster-club.com

These are some poems written by one of the members of Hamster-Club.
Hamster PoemsChip ní Dale
We were thinking what to name you
But the names we found were very few
As I wanted a very special one
Which should sound friendly and fun
At last I did find it
Which blew me out of my wit
It was Chip ní Dale
While Chip was frail and Dale wasnít a male
Chip was tiny, cute and silly
But Dale was as pretty as a lily
Your cage was clean and neat
For you to walk on your tiny feet
Hamster PoemsNuts
You loved nuts
And I admired your guts
To eat them all
Without letting a piece to fall
I always wanted you to be near me
So that I could feed you nuts with honey
I wished you would brush through my hair
And tear up everything I could wear
When I saw you for the first time yawning
I couldnít stop laughing
And when you slept on your back
I threw my head back
As you looked so cute
And wished you could grow a little bit more
So that I could cuddle you till you became sore 
Hamster CageCleaning your cage
I miss cleaning your cage
Banging your tube in a fit of rage
It was disgusting and unbearable
But on the other hand it was pleasurable
After a hard half hour of working
And happy with my placing
I sit back and watch you
Running about like it was your job to do
You run in your wheel
And make it a big deal
You tear up the little pieces of tissue
Like they were a big issue
After all this madness
You munch on your cabbage and carrot
And sleep contented with a face that showed happiness 

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