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Hamster Club featured in 'L-Orizzont' Newspaper and more!
Author: Nadia Vella
Source: www.l-orizzont.com/news.asp?newsitemid=53336

Hamster Club was also featured in 'L-Orizzont' newspaper of 11th May 2009!  In fact, the centre spread of this newspaper was dedicated to our hamster club! 
'L-Orizzont' newspaper is one of Malta's leading newspapers that gives daily news and information to thousands of readers in Malta.  L-'Orizzont' may also be found online here.
The article named 'Il-Klabb tal-Cricetus' (which which means : ('The Hamster Club' in Maltese), outlines the basic information about Hamster Club Malta and its new hamster book named ‘Hamster Club Guide Book’  ISBN 978-99932-0-721-4 which is going to be sold at the end of May / beginning of June 2009 at the price of €4.99 online from www.TheHamsterBook.com, from various book stores and pet stores.
The article also outlines the main types of hamsters found in Malta, why a hamster may be the ideal pet for you and also the basic information one needs to know about hamsters. 
To see a copy of this hamster article please click here.
Hamster Club was also recently featured in other local newspapers and magazines including:
'Taghna t-Tfal Magazine'
'Vida Magazine' etc.

Thank you letters displayed in newspapers were also received.  Click here to view and read them!

Hamster Club was also invited on RTK Radio.  Click here to read more about this event.

Hamster Club was also invited on the National Maltese Radio. Click here to read more about this radio event!

Hamster Club would like to thank all its constant visitors for their support.  That's what makes Hamster Club so special, the constant support from you visitors and hamster lovers from all over the world!  THANK YOU!! --
Feel free to email us here if you have any hamster concerns or need any advice about hamsters and / or our hamster club! 

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