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Hamster Shows - Showing your hamster
Author: Nadia Vella
Source: www.hamster-club.com

Hamster Shows - Showing your hamsterUsually hamsters are exhibited in special uniform cages known as show pens.
These pens are designed so that the hamsters can be easily taken out for judging purposes.
The best thing to do is to take the hamsters to the show in carriers rather than show pens. This will allow the hamsters to adapt themselves more easily to the new surroundings. A thin layer of bedding will be needed as the floor covering, although for long-coated hamsters, cat litter should be used to prevent the bedding becoming caught up in the hamster's fur.
Arriving well in advance to the hamster show, will help your hamsters to settle down before being judged. Hamsters are not literally judged against one another but they are awarded specific points which include:
- correct depth of coloration
- correct patterning
- usually the head has to be as broad as possible
- the hamster's size is usually big
Characteristics which will exclude hamsters from entering a show:
a) torn or damaged ears
b) poor coloration
Even though the above characteristics (a and b) exclude hamsters from entering a show, they can still prove to be delightful and cute pets!

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