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Celebrating Hamster Club's 2nd birthday!
Author: Nadia Vella
Source: www.hamster-club.com

Celebrating Hamster-Club's 2nd birthday!We are happy to announce that Hamster-Club.com is now 2 years old!
During the last couple of years, Hamster-Club.com grew more and gave more hamster information, hamster newsletters, hamster videos, hamster games and hamster articles!
Our hamster-club.com database also grew larger with the vast selection of visitors who enjoy this hamster site!
Also with our new hamster book's project, the hamster club even made a greater step towards providing more accurate hamster information worldwide!
We wish to thank you all hamster-club.com visitors for your support.
Feel free to e-mail me on nadia@hamster-club.com for any questions or hamster concerns.
Yours Truly,
Nadia Vella
Obo Hamster Club Team

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