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Housing your hamster
Author: Hamster Club
Source: www.hamster-club.com

hamster cageThe ideal cage for a Syrian hamster is a plastic based wire cage. These cages are known as traditional cages. Try to get a cage which has more than one level as hamsters enjoy climbing the cage bars and the different levels.

A good cage for a Syrian hamster is a Rydon hamster cage as these provide great ventilation and have more than one level. In the picture at the beginning of this text you will see the Rydon hamster cage. Dwarf hamsters can squeeze through the cage bars or attempt to and get stuck.

hamster tankPrior to this you should house a dwarf hamster in a gallon tank
or an aquarium. A 15 gallon tank is best. Avoid tanks or aquarium with a solid lid as this will stop the flow of ventilation. Get a mesh lid that has holes so air can pass through the cage.

Tubular systems are very good. They give your hamster room to run around and to have fun. The best Tubular system cages to get are Crittertrails and Habbitrails.  You should place the cage away from a window because of the sun.

Place the cage somewhere that isn't in reach of a cat, dog or any other pets that may harm the hamster. Not in a bathroom because of the humidity and low hygiene levels.

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