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Why are hamsters ideal as pets?
Author: Hamster-Club Malta
Source: www.hamster-club.com

Hamsters as petsHamsters are ideal as pets for people who are at work or school during the day since hamsters are nocturnal, which makes them active on an evening and at night, whilst during the day hamsters will sleep.
Hamsters may be ideal for all those who cannot keep large pets in their property.
Hamsters are relatively easy to care for, odour from them is limited if the cage is kept clean regularly and they will provide hours of endless amusement with their busy and energetic characteristics.
Mother hamster and babiesHamsters come in an abundance of colours and coat lengths and there are several hamster species now available.
Long coated hamsters will need regular grooming to prevent their coats matting.
Keeping a hamster requires a commitment from you to care for it during its life which is approximately 2 years.
This commitment includes a routine care and time spent with your hamster.
Caring for your hamster will go a long way to ensuring that your pet remains happy and healthy.
Itís really astonishing how such a small pet can become so tamed that it will even recognise its own name when its owner calls it!
Having a hamster as a pet is worth it since it makes your life more joyful and wonderful!

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