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The Hamster Food Thief and The Lost and Found Hamster
Author: Gabriele
Source: www.hamster-club.com

The Hamster Food ThiefThe Hamster Food Thief.

Rocky is an unusually cunning hamster. He escapes from his cage at every opportunity and he steals anything he can get his paws on.  But last night, even Rocky outdid himself. Sugar, our elderly collie, lay sound asleep. A short distance away was her food dish, filled with tasty dog kibble.

Out of the blue, it seemed, Rocky had an irresistible craving for dog food. Setting to work on the door of his cage, he fiddled at it with his skillful paws until the latch gave way. Once again, his persistence had been rewarded!  

In a flash, he climbed down the bars of the cage, slipped past the sleeping collie and crammed a generous helping of Sugar’s food into his cheek pouches.

Then he scampered back into his cage, where he deposited his plunder in his little house. As the moonlight moved across the kitchen floor, our small burglar made four or five more trips past Sugar and her sensitive nose, until the dog’s dish was completely empty!

I discovered the theft only accidentally – the next day happened to be the day for cleaning Rocky’s cage.

When I lifted the roof of his little house, there he lay, curled contentedly atop a mountain of dog kibble, no doubt resting from his night of thievery.

Now I knew why Sugar had seemed so puzzled that morning and why she had looked at me so beseechingly until I filled her bowl before her scheduled lunchtime!

The Lost and Found HamsterThe Lost and Found Hamster.

I read an amazing story in the newspaper. In a small town in England, a hamster had crept into a woman’s freezer.

Three days later, she found  the poor hamster, frozen stiff. Filled with remorse, she took the body out to her garden, set it on a tree stump, took her spade and dug a tiny grave beside  a stone wall. An hour later, when her children came home from school, she told  them the sad news.

Mournfully, they went into the garden for the burial. As they drew near the stump, they saw their little hamster wiggling and heard faint squeaks!

Within minutes, it was running around the garden - a little  wobbly, but definitely alive. 

A few days later, my Rocky disappeared. Of course, the first  place I looked was in the freezer. To my relief, he wasn’t there; but when I searched every room in the house, all I found was enough cobwebs and dust to  remind me that it was time for a good spring cleaning. 

In the kitchen, I swept out all the corners and then tackled  the refrigerator, pulling it out from the wall so that I could clean behind it. Lo and behold, there was Rocky, fat and happy! 

He had built himself a cozy nest under the refrigerator,  complete with a week’s supply of corn flakes brought in from the pantry  on the sly. I could only laugh at my resourceful little hamster.

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