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Toffee the hamster lives in a doll's house
Source: www.hamster-club.com

Hamster doll houseA Hamster called Toffee has made herself at home in her owner’s doll’s house.

Toffee is three months old but is already learning how to keep house.

Her owner Liberty Cox has let her play in her Victorian doll’s house and was surprised by how much Toffee loves it.

Liberty says: “She ran up and down the stairs and went and sat in the bath. She even did a wee in there, so we think she is toilet training herself.”

Toffee happily sits on the bed and even stands on her back legs at the sink.

Liberty says: “Toffee thinks the doll’s house is her own house. I have to put her back in her cage to sleep, but when I am home and playing with her we have a great time in the doll’s house!”

A NOTE FOR ALL: Even though this story is fascinating, one has to always bear in mind that hamsters need bedding thus this type of housing and cage furnishing is not ideal. Also do note that small items are dangerous to hamsters since hamsters might swallow them.

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