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Hamster First Aid Kit
Author: hamster club
Source: www.hamster-club.com

Hamster first aid kitAs with all pets, accidents, injuries and illnesses may happen at any time of the day or night. With small pets, especially nocturnal ones like hamsters, you may not notice anything wrong until the evening. Whilst it will be necessary for some situations to get your pet to the vet immediately, some conditions can be treated at home. it is therefore helpful to keep a first aid kit, in case of emergency.

The below are the essential items to keep in a hamster first aid kit box:

- different sizes for measuring medication or feeding pets who are too poorly to take solid food. You can get these either from the vet, chemist or from some pet stores. Dropper bottles are also handy.

- can be used for untangling caught fur or other delicate procedures or removal of irritant conjunctival foreign bodies such as sawdust.

Nail Clippers - can be used for trimming hamster nails and teeth. If you think your hamster has overgrown teeth or nails, take them to the vet in the first instance. If this is likely to be done regularly, the vet will show you how to cut them without causing pain to your hamster. It is important not to trim teeth or nails too short or you may cause bleeding and unnecessary discomfort.

Silver Nitrate Sticks or Ferric Chloride - this can be used if your hamster's nails have been cut too short and they bleed. This can be purchased from your chemist.

Microwavable Heat Pad
- this can be placed to one side of the nest to help retain body heat in a sick animal. it should be well covered to avoid burning the hamster. Beware of placing very sick hamsters on microwaveable heat pads as they may be too sick to move even if they are overheating.

Tea Tree Cream - is an excellent antiseptic for putting on hamster cuts and scratches and can work extremely quickly. It can be purchased from the pet store in a potency specially designed for small animals. Due to its strong smell, however if you keep more than one hamster in the same cage, it is a good idea to put a small dab of cream on the other hamsters to prevent them turning against the one being treated.

Aloe Vera - in gel or spray form is ideal for treating skin conditions and scratches. Ensure it is safe if ingested.

Vitamin Drops
- one may purchase these from pet stores.

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