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Hamster Story by Phoebe Wong
Author: Phoebe Wong
Source: www.hamster-club.com

Hamster StoryI was just playing with my little ball of fuzz after school in the afternoon. His name was Fuzzball. It's literally just FUZZ. I thought it would look cute if I lured it with food and even lured it until it was standing on its hind legs! It's front paws were just like trying to get it. Just like as if it was pedaling.

My grandma said that it looked like a tiny, tiny, tiny, dog in my hand. I was all like "Okay.......". Also, my hamster is very friendly around strangers unless their fingers smelt like FOOD. My cousin once held it and it jumped off to his lap. Out of a sudden, Fuzzball just like SNIFFED his CROTCH! All i thought was "OH MY FREAKING GLOB" I quickly took Fuzzball away without touching my cousin's _______.

Hamster StoryHamster Story

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