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Hamster Story by Vanessa Hernandez
Author: Vanessa Hernandez
Source: www.hamster-club.com

Hamster storyChibi Robo is the first roborovski hamster I have ever had. She was and still is the cutest and sweetest little hamster. She loved getting her daily cheesies, and eating sunflower seeds from the palm of my hand.

I got Chibi Robo from Petco. She was one of the last roborovski hamsters that Petco was selling for $5, but since she was the last one, she was free. I later found out by one of the managers that she was in a fight and is missing part of her mouth, well the equivalent of our lips.

I asked the manager if she needed any type of special care and reassured me that she was 100% healthy and a perfectly normal and healthy little hamster. I always wondered, because she was the last one, if she was free because she was missing part of her face and no one wanted to pay $5 for her, but I would. Would you? I could tell you that she would have been worth every penny. Hamster Competition

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