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Hamster Story by Hannah Gilbert
Author: Hannah Gilbert
Source: www.hamster-club.com

John the hamsterMy rescue hamster is called John and was adopted from Furry Friends Animal Rescue in Surrey.

John and some other hamsters were handed in to the rescue from their previous home on Christmas Eve 2011.

I then adopted him in February 2012.

I hadn't had a pet in many years and decided I would like to have a hamster again.

I chose John because I would only ever have a rescue pet, and because he was "less adoptable" - as he was already an adult and white with red eyes, which are unpopular.

I don't understand why red eyed rodents are unpopular, Hamster Storybecause I think he is beautiful!

John has made my life so much better and I'm so glad I adopted him. He has his own Facebook page with over 600 'fans' who love to see his pictures and updates.

John's page is also used to network other rescue animals, promote rescues and "less adoptable pets" and to raise funds for Furry Friends where he was adopted from.

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