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Hamster Story by Carrie-Anne Brown
Author: Carrie-Anne Brown
Source: www.hamster-club.com

hamster storyIn 2009, my partner and I brought our first pet together. Her name was Crumbles and she was a russian dwarf hamster.

We fell in love with her straight away and her kind/sweet nature made us rodent lovers for life!

Since then, we have adopted many different rodents from different situations:

- a Russian dwarf hamster called Nipsy in 2009 who had no attention and the child got bored of him

- a Roborovski who got bullied by his brothers in 2011 and escaped death as a few days later his brothers unfortunately got killed by a cat so he was the lucky one in the end

- Pepper: a Syrian hamster in 2011 who was in a tiny cage with human biscuits as food..! She was one of our favourites

Jird story - Frankie the Jird! We got Frankie the Jird in 2011 - he is still alive.

He was dumped at a shop I worked at as he chewed out of three cages and they didn't want to have him anymore as they thought he was a gerbil.

Now he has a massive gerbil vivarium which he can't escape from.

He also just had an operation to get rid of a tumour which saved his life. We were told to have him put down but we went with the operation and he made it!

He also has put weight back on and is back to his cheeky self.

- And last but not least Minty and Maple: the two gerbil brothers! They too got dumped and left in the heat in 2012, with lettuce as food, left in an ice cream box with few holes, they were both sweating very badly and had mites and barely any fur. Minty (white) has a deformed jaw due to not eating the right nutrition when he was younger but he still is the boss out of the two!

Now I only adopt rodents that need homes but Crumbles started this all off in 2009. My partner hamster story - gerbilsand I are still together after 6 years and we are only 20 and 21 years old.

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