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Hamster Story by Miranda Turvin
Author: Miranda Turvin
Source: www.hamster-club.com

Hamster StoryHamster StoryMy dwarf hamster (named Hurricane) was abandoned by my cousin and my boyfriend and I too him under our wing.

He is the cutest little thing! He was scared at first due to my cousin NEVER taking him out (he was a biter!) and NEVER giving him attention!

Well when we brought him home, he was just so curious so we took him out of his cage and he roamed the entire bed and bedroom! He loved our attention!

We even take him outside and let him roam around in the backyard! He just runs around, cleans his little self and tries to climb all over the place!

I can state that he is the happiest little hamster I have ever met! No longer does he bite or anything!  Hamster Competition

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