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Hamster Story by Jessica
Author: Jessica
Source: www.hamster-club.com

Hamster StoryI was never one for hamsters as pets since I always had mice. Then one year, the day before my birthday, I changed my mind.

My dad sent me a text saying “Hey, come to your window”. I opened my window and he said “I got something for you”. I asked “What is it?” and he got a box out of the car and in it, there was a hamster.

I named the hamster hamysqueakerton. My dad works at a restaurant and they propped the kitchen door open on warm evenings. This evening a hamster came scurrying in and they found him munching on a tomato that was on the floor. And they said we can’t keep the hamster, but my dad said I will take him!

So that year for my birthday, I got a surprise hamster. And I the animal lover wanted to keep it. I got water and some food for it but my mom wanted none of it. She put a add up trying to find his owner because the hamster was so tamed - it was a true surprise how good he was. But we never found the true owner and thus began the journey of our pet hamster.

Hamster StoryI named him hamysqueakerton because he was such a well behaved hamster. Great with our pet cats as you can see from the photo. Noise did not bother him, neither did kids. He was one of a kind. And mum, who never wanted him, grew the most close to him.

They had a routine of every night, he would get up and play almost like dancing and she would give him a treat. He was truly a great hamster and I loved him. Every morning when I got up, he was there at the side of his cage to say good morning. I gave him such a royal name because he was like a fit little king - so well behaved and tamed.

We had him for two years and when he passed that spring evening, he left behind an emptiness where his furry cuteness used to be. We will never forget our unintended pet: Mr hamysqueakerton.

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