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Meet a Miracle - Hamster Story by Lesley Patterson
Author: Lesley Patterson
Source: www.hamster-club.com

Hamster StoryHello everyone! Let me properly introduce myself, my name is Miracle.  

I love to eat sunflower seeds and barley balls and a little fruit now and then, especially strawberries and mango, those are my very favorites. I have a good home and am a very happy little guy. I am a really handsome boy and have fluffy grey fur with white markings and the cutest little face with a pink nose and big deep black eyes. I was the runt of my litter. When I was just a baby, my hammy Mommy decided to bite one of my ears off. Sad I know, but you'll soon see that I now have a very happy life with my Family who loves me very much and who I love with all my little hammy heart in return.  

I was born from a big litter, I've said that I was the runt but I think it makes me special because now that I'm all grown up I am big, fat and happy, you'd never be able to tell that I was once the smallest of all my brothers and sisters.   I started out with a different family, then the one that I have now. My new Mommy named me Miracle because she says I am one. My new Family found me one day when the little girl of my old family was outside not being very nice to me and treating me like a toy.  

This mean little girl was on the playground of an apartment complex and took me outside with her. It was Summer time, it was hot outside and there were metal slides at the playground which this little girl began to use by sliding me down it. It hurt and I was sad and scared. I was only a baby and didn't even have my eyes opened yet when this was happening to me. I was wishing to the God of my species that someone would come and save me from this mean child and suddenly my prayers were answered.  

Out of the blue another girl came up towards me and she was bigger and older than the child who had been hurting me by playing so rough and doing things you should never do to a hamster. This new girl came and rescued me, she told the other child that she had better stop and asked why she was doing things so mean to me. The little girl replied it was because she didn't want me and this made me sad, especially because my own hammy family had kind of rejected me when my birth mom for some reason decided to bite off my left ear. I can still hear out of it though and I personally think I'm so cute and sweet that my personality completely makes up for this small flaw.  

Hamster StoryAnyways, this new girl took me from the other child who had been abusing me and she brought me into what would become my new home and forever Family. I found out the girl's name was Amara and she carefully cradled me into my new home and showed me to my new Mommy who immediately accepted and loved me.  

When Amara told her mom Lesley my story and what had been happening to me this woman made sure to take good care of me and called herself my Mommy and I was so excited and felt so special now and knew already somehow that I would be safe and loved in this new place.  

My new Mommy Lesley and her husband Andy, my new Daddy went immediately online and purchased a cage for me and then they went out while I waited with the rest of my new Family to go out and buy me food, bowls, a water bottle, chew toys and supplied all this and more to meet my every need. I remember now being so surprised at the way my new Family was treating me because I had never had a chance to be accepted and loved so much this way before. As I said I was a baby when this happened and my eyes were still shut. My new Mommy and Daddy had to hand feed and water me because I was too young at the time to be able to do these things for myself. They didn't seem to mind at all and even acted as if they really enjoyed holding me as I drank out of and ate out of their hands. I decided pretty quickly that I loved to be held and handled by these particular humans, they were always so nice to me and had such big hearts so I made sure to always be pleasant and nice to them.  

I remember a funny story from when I was a baby that first day that I was brought home and I'd like to share it with you all. My new Family had never had a hamster before and when I first arrived I was still quite shaken up and understandably scared because of how I was being treated by my old family. Before I was sure I could trust these new people in my life, I had an episode where I got a little scared and rolled onto my back, stuck my legs out and made a noise that sounded like a beeping alarm clock to my new owners.   They didn't know that I did this because I was just a bit scared still and my new Mommy went online immediately freaking out over what had happened, actually worried about me and trying to find out what my actions had meant and to make sure I was healthy and OK. She did a lot of research and finally came upon the correct answer, that it was a defense mechanism us hamsters sometimes use when we are frightened. After they learned it was only normal behavior they were so relieved. They laughed about how I sounded like an alarm clock and I didn't mind because once I finally heard an alarm clock I must agree that I did kind of sound like one and this fact made me have a nice hammy giggle to myself, too. Mommy even did all the research to find out what breed of hamster I am and she found out that I am what they call a Russian Dwarf hamster.  

Hamster StoryAs time passed, I grew up healthy and I got pretty big and a little fat, too but my Mommy thinks that I am the most adorable little thing to ever walk on this Earth. I know because she told me so, she talks to me a lot and I listen, always looking up at her to show I'm paying attention as she lovingly holds me and coos to me with baby noises and softly spoken words confessing all her love for me. I really enjoy being out of my cage and if I had my way I'd be out of it all the time just so I could be around Lesley my new Mommy and the rest of my Family.

I really love all the attention that I get from everyone and I adore being held, pet, and just generally loved by my humans. My Mommy does so many special things to make me happy that I try to come up with ways to bring her more joy also and I found some that really work. Mommy loves to put me in her pocket and I like to scramble around inside it and sometimes pop my head out just hanging out in her pocket. I also am allowed to run all over my parent's bed and I soon found a game that I love where I go under the blankets and roam around. It's a lot of fun for me and sometimes Mommy leaves treats under it for me to find while I play. She even bought me a special thin blanket that's fleece that I really love playing under. I don't care much for the hamster ball they bought me though, that's why I'm always allowed to come out and play around the bed and floor while my parent's supervise me. One thing I do that my Mom just absolutely loves is playing a game with her that we call "around the Mommy" where I literally go around and around my Mommy while she sits cross-legged on our bed. She really loves it when I play this game and it's so much fun. I play it by running close to her body and going around her over and over again, stopping to wiggle my whiskers now and then and look up at Mommy to say I love you to her. She always says she loves me, too.  

Hamster StoryAnother favorite thing we both like is when I sit curled up in her lap or her hands and she just holds me and tells me how special I am, that I am a true Miracle and that she is so happy to have me in her life. She tells me everyday how much I brighten up her world and my new Family brightens up mine, too. We get along so well together and everyone in the family holds me and pets me and gives me treats, loves and attention. I am a very lucky hammy.   I had a hard start and wondered if my life would get any better when suddenly I was rescued from my bad situation and put into a place I could really call home with people I could really consider my loving and faithful Family. My Mommy took lots of pictures with me and she's going to share them with my story so you can see me when I was just a baby in their hands and also see what I have grown up to be and look like. She always tells me that I am the cutest hamster ever and she thinks that my missing ear gives me character. She never judged me or treated me differently because the left one is missing. She always treated me just like any happy, healthy hamster should be. I don't really mind the missing ear myself because it doesn't interfere with anything and I can still hear out of it just fine.  

I lived a very long and happy life with my Family, longer than most hamsters usually live, I was on this Earth for about 3 whole years. My vet said that I lived practically forever and had a very long and happy, healthy life.   Sadly, I am writing this to you from Hammy Heaven. I passed away at the beginning of this year inside my cage in the middle of the night while I was sleeping all curled up into a ball in the hammy hut that my Family bought for me and that I loved so much. I really miss them and I know they miss me. I know Mommy remembers me everyday and I also think of her just as often. I was lucky to be loved by such a great Family.  

I am buried in a nice spot underneath a tree and a fern now grows there, and I live on not only in Heaven but in this little plant as well and Mommy and the rest of the Family still come visit me to this very day bringing flowers to my little grave and handfuls of sunflower seeds, fruits, and the hamster barley food balls that I craved and loved so much when I was alive. I miss them, and I know they miss me, but Mommy always said we'd find each other again in Heaven, and I am waiting for her here. Mommy named me Miracle and I was one, but my new Family was also a miracle to me and I'll never forget them, ever.
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