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Hamster Story by Patty Hasenyager
Author: Patty Hasenyager
Source: www.hamster-club.com

Hamster StoryWe have a long-haired Syrian hamster named Sir Fuzzybutt.

When we got him, we needed to get a cage extender because we had a 10-gallon tank. We attached his "upper storey" and we couldn't even get it clamped down before he was checking it out.

My husband had some sheepskin and he cut it up and made a soft spot for them to go in the upper area. Fuzzy decided he wanted to explore this new area, and started pulling up the sheepskin to see.

We came in one day, and here he was sticking his head out from underneath the sheepskin. My husband and I both kind of snickered, and then made sure he was OK.

Hamster StoryAbout 4 days later, we started noticing that his bedding was up there. I asked my husband if he had put any bedding up in the top, but he said no.

We were watching him yesterday, and he was going down to where his nest was, and bringing up the paper towels that we shredded to pad his bed and we watched him carry them up the ramp and under the sheepskin.

He definitely has a warm place to go to during Winter!

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