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Hamster Story by Penny Fulkerson
Author: Penny Fulkerson
Source: www.hamster-club.com

Hamster StoryAs with most hamster owners, I went to check on our Amber after being out of the apartment running errands.

OH NO, she is nowhere to be found and the door is open! Frantic we crawl around on the floor searching for her near her cage, and throughout the apartment. Am I hearing her whine, or is it just my distraught heart wanting to find her quickly?

My boyfriend and I both call out for her, still searching around the floor, again a faint whimper. Several minutes pass this way, still a faint whimper occasionally and my gut instinct that she is very near her cage.

I tell my boyfriend to continue to call and walk near her cage, he calls out one last time. A very audible whimper at last, but OH NO she is not in a good place, she is stuck between the dresser and the wall. I find a place to search and all I find is her little nose sticking straight up. My brain scrambles, but my boyfriend becomes my hero once again.

He calmly tells me exactly how we are going to get her out of this very precarious position. She is less than foot from the carpeted floor, so we will just pull the dresser straight out and we can scoop her off the floor afterward. She drops down and we see her condition, which is very frazzled, hair all askew and not able to walk very well.

Talk about sinking hearts, but we can't just reach her under the dresser, so we wait for her to recover a little. All the while talking to her calmly and watching how she progresses. When I speak she turns her head and will stare for a few seconds, but when my boyfriend talks to her, she keeps trying to get to him.

This is very typical for our Amber. She will always seek comfort near him, follow him around a little more than she will me. I don't blame her; he is my hero everyday too.
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