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Home is where the Heart Is - Hamster Story by: Lindsey Lastimosa
Author: Lindsey Lastimosa
Source: www.hamster-club.com

Like all hamsters, Acorn was scurrying around energetically as usual. The wheel spun widely as she jogged on it. Now and then, a huge creature would reach into Acorn's cage to hold her.

She felt content and happy that she had such a great shelter. She had toys to play with, five star foods, and a nice place to sleep. One day, Acorn soon realized there had to be something more about life. Eat, run, and sniff around was her daily life style. Couldn't there be something more?

As Acorn was deep into her thoughts, the large creature picked her up. She did not dare to bite the creature, for she had no reason to hurt it. Acorn let the creature soothe her with rhythmic strokes. Maybe this was the place where she belonged?

If she left the creature, it would be lonely. Acorn knew she had to be true to her heart and stick with the creature.
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