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The Piebald Hamster
Author: Hamster Club
Source: www.hamster-club.com

Piebald HamsterThe Piebald Hamster is also known as Spotteds and Harlequins. The Piebald Hamster was the first mutation to be discovered.

There is an irregular pattern of white spotting scattered over the entire body with a characteristic white blaze on the face. The amount of spotting varies from almost none to more than 51% of the body surface. The eyes are dark except if located inside a white fur area; this causes the eyes to be pink.

Hamsters with one pink and one dark eye are possible. The Piebald Hamster may also have black or gray ears. Unfortunately, sometimes congenital deformities, accompany this gene which is recessive.

Currently, these types of hamsters are very rare to find.

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