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The Hamster Wheel – Not Just For Hamsters
Author: Hamster Club
Source: www.hamster-club.com

hamster wheelWe take a look at the bizarre but brilliant trend that’s sweeping the world: hamster wheels for humans!  

Have you ever peered inside a hamster cage, looked at a hamster running around in a wheel and thought to yourself “Actually, that looks kinda fun”?  

If the answer to that question is “Yes”, you most certainly wouldn’t be the first person to have enjoyed the prospect of running around in a hamster wheel of your own. People from a huge variety of walks of life have tested their mettle in human hamster wheels in recent years – here are just a few selected examples:  

The art of hamster wheels

Hamster wheels have long since represented a symbol of futility, cyclicality and even animal ignorance to the artistically (pretentiously) minded, so it’s unsurprising that they’ve found their way into a great many artworks over the years. New York artist Alex Schweder recently took it upon himself to live inside a 25-foot wood and steel hamster wheel for ten days, in order to ‘highlight our independence’.

The ultimate workout  

Ever since hamster wheels first attained widespread popularity in the 1940s, they have offered hamsters and other rodents the means to exercise properly, regardless of the size of their cage. Running in a wheel is essentially the ultimate hamster workout, and running wheels are just as well suited to the fitness-boosting needs of adventurous humans too! A treadmill operates on a basically identical principle to a hamster wheel anyway, so if you want to keep fit at home, why not make an outlandish statement with a human wheel!?  

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