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With What Animals Hamsters Get Along
Source: hamster-club.com

Pet hamsters have special needs when brought into a house with other existing pets or when new pets are introduced into a home that already has a hamster. They’re not your regular social pet and have a very hard time getting along with other animals. Due to their lack of defense and small size, it’s a real pickle to make them get along with other animals.

Hamsters and Cats

We’ve all heard some stories about hamsters being friends with cats or other felines, however, the reality is that such a situation is an absolute rarity since you cannot expect the prey and the predator to be friends and live happily together. It’s like saying that a snake and a mouse can be best friends, it just does not happen. There are some cases in which the natural instincts of both pets are overridden by the need to socialize, however, this is only a temporary state and you should never try to keep hamsters with cats.

How about Parrots?

A friendship between a parrot and different breeds of hamsters can happen as long as they don’t live in the same cage or do not really interact. There are some situations in which keeping them together might work for a while, however, you always need to keep in mind that hamsters can become very stressed by the scent and presence of any other animal in its environment and it can lead to a really unhealthy development.

Dogs and Hamsters – Friendship or a Really Bad Idea?

Indeed, dogs can learn how to get along with small pets like hamsters. But the approach to such a friendship has to be taken with extreme care as a dog might see a hamster as a potential toy and really harm it in the process. If you want to make the two pets interact, you should always have the dog on a leash and bring it to the cage where the hamster lives. You should always keep a close eye on the dog’s reaction and never leave the two unsupervised as the hamster can always make a wrong move and make the dog attack it or even want to play with it, which can lead to serious injuries and stress for the small rodent.

Hamsters and Guinea Pigs

Both of these rodents are usually quite territorial and it might be a bad idea to try and keep them together. In the long run, they might enter a fight for territory but it can be safe to keep them together for play purposes. Even though they’re not the kinds of pets that need social interaction, a weird friendship can exist between two such animals. But keep in mind at all times that these pets are not known for their social skill. 

So, the bottom line is that even though hamsters can develop unexpected friendships with other pets from around the house, they’d most likely prefer to be left alone running in their wheel and having enough personal space so that they can be happy. So it is best to keep a separate guinea pig and hamster cage.

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