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Robo Hamsters
Source: hamster-club.com

Robo dwarf hamsters, or Roborovski dwarf hamsters, are the fastest and smallest dwarf hamsters. In fact, a robo dwarf hamster can run over a hundred miles1 in a single night.

If you’ve seen them in pet shops, you’ll also notice they’re almost always on the wheel. They definitely look much more active than other dwarf hamsters.

Pet robo dwarf hamsters may be able to live together, but only if they were raised together in the same enclosure from young. Even then, they may still end up fighting or being aggressive towards each other when they’re older and more territorial. Many people who have multiple robos living in the same cage have had injuries or even deaths resulting from fights. Rather separate them.

If you intend to put more than one robo dwarf hamster in a single cage, you’ll probably want to check on them daily to make sure they are not fighting. They should be separated immediately if there are any signs of fighting or injury.You should absolutely not house a robo dwarf hamster with another species of hamster or any other animal for that matter.

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