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Hamster's Favorite Entertainment
Source: hamster-club.com

The place of one of the most frequent pets nowadays belongs to hamsters. At first, it wasnít very clear how small rodents could be home beloved animals since their cousins have had made history of bad behavior in houses.

Through time, the strong friendly relationship was developed between children and these little puppets. Hamsters become childrenís favorite pet and the quality of life of this pet became magnificent. Nowadays, a hamster isnít only a pet who has a safe place to live in. The accommodation of this animal becomes more attractive and special according to this animalís needs.

Hamsterís favorite entertainment  tools include a huge amount of different toys. The most frequent are  chew toys, playpens, wheels, balls, houses,  wooden blocks, tubes, and etc.


Running for miles in nature at night in search of nutrition is one physiognomic trait that was left in hamsters. Hamsters need a lot of exercises to keep them in top form. One crucial thing is to provide hamsters enough exercise with the wheel, but safety is in first place.

Modern hamster wheels are being made of different materials, both with positive and negative characteristics. Some of the wheels have more safety for some types of hamsters than for the others. Running with an arched back is very bad for a hamsterís health.


Hamster balls are one of the several devices for handing adequate healthy exercise to these beloved pets. Hamster balls could be located in hamster's cage or out. When hamster's balls are used outside of the cage, itís important that these toys arenít near stairs or balconies. For hamsters, itís optimal to play about 15 minutes daily. All hamster balls in the market have the same purpose.


Houses for hamsters are the separate area to nest hamsters in. Hamsters do have the need to have plenty of space to run, and that doesnít mean a lot of pipes, it means actual floor space. The size of the hamsterís house should be proportional to the hamsterís size. Small space for a bigger hamster is not an option. It is a bad idea is to set cedar or pine shavings for your pet because hamsters are allergic to these things. Buying a cage that has a wire bottom is a bad decision for a hamsterís feet.



Playpens are designed for the out of cage entertainment. Playpens are designed for developing trust between the hamster and out cage territory. Hamsters have a lot of fun playing hide and seek with playpens. This way, hamsters are becoming more sure about their safety. Ideally, a hamsterís playpen should be bigger than the cage. Using a combination of hamsterís toyís will limit the area the hamster can explore, making it safer and more convenient.

Chewing Products

A hamsterís teeth grow very fast. Adequate chewing products can help a hamster develop safe chewing, teaches and physiological develops the hamsterís dental machinery. Wooden products or wood gnaws are the very best option. Alternatively, cardboard could be used for the same purpose. Chose wood chewing products carefully for the hamster or provide alternative chew options. Natural hamster toys are the safest option for hamsters.

The pet entertainment industry recognized the needs and wishes of these tiny animals so a lot of new entertainment toys and technologies were developed. In the future, the number of hamster entertaining toys will be increased.

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