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How to Pet-Proof Your Home

Having a pet around the house is mostly a joy. Your cats or dogs become a part of the family, and usually love you just as much as you love them, if not more, although itís hard to tell with cats. There are times, though, when they are a bit less than their sweet, playful, lovable selves. When they use your carpet as a toilet, use the furniture as a scratching post, or chew up your shoes or electrical cables, you really have to fight the urge to drop them off at an animal shelter.

Many people refer to their pets as their fur kids, and parents will know what a great responsibility human kids are. Your furry friends should be treated with much the same level of responsibility as for a real kid, and you should take the same kinds of precautions to keep both them and your possessions safe.

Put away anything chewable:

Dogs love chewing on things, so if you donít want them to destroy your shoes, or chew up your phone charger, put it away safely. The same goes for things that are harmful to your pets, like medicines or hazardous chemicals. Put it away safely and out of reach, even if itís inside a container. Dogs can chew through it and be exposed to whatís inside.

Cats can reach pretty much anywhere, so you have to make doubly sure that things like medicines are put away in drawers and cabinets. If your cats can easily open your kitchen cabinets, secure the cabinets with plastic safely loops.

Unplug or secure electrical cords:

Cats and dogs often love playing with and chewing electrical cords. Unplug any appliances that are not in use, or are left unattended. If something needs to remain plugged in, secure the cord in a PVC sleeve or channel.

Limit access:

If your doggy has left you a smelly present in a room, or a wet patch on the bed, couch, or carpet, it would be best to limit their access to those parts of the house by closing the doors. You can also limit them to certain areas by using baby gates. If you want to keep cats out, you will need to close the windows as well, because they will use any opening thatís large enough as an entryway.

Keep them entertained:

The biggest reason dogs destroy your things and your furniture, is because of boredom. To prevent this, take them for regular walks to get them to expend some of their energy. Also, provide them with plenty of suitable chew toys, so that they chew those instead of your shoes.

Secure dangling cords:

Cats like playing with cords from blinds, and both them and dogs can get strangled and entangled in them. The best is to tie the dangling cord in a knot, and hide it out of the way.

Check large appliances:

Cats like to hide in holes, especially placaes like the drier. Always check the drier before using it, otherwise your fluffball might become toasty, extra fluffy, and dead.

About the Guest Author

This article was contributed by Apex Window Werks a home window repair company with the headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. The company is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau, it is listed in Angieís List and has many positive feedback from satisfied clients. Feel free to visit their website for more details. 

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