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A Different Kind of Hamster Wheel
Source: hamster-club.com

Hamsters are adorable. You already know that, or you wouldn’t be here. They’re cute, furry balls of love and personality, who strike just the right balance between believing they’re fiercely independent, and realizing that they’re actually totally reliant on us for their every need.

The fact that hamsters are adorable is universally known; they’re almost a byword for ‘cute’. Because of that, they’re actually used in marketing and advertising more than most people know. Let’s face it; if someone tried to sell you a product, and there was a picture of a hamster on it, you’d be more likely to buy it. Newspaper websites attract more clicks and eyeballs to their output just by using pictures of hamsters. There’s nothing wrong with that is our eyes; the more times we see a hamster over the course of a day, the happier we are!

Hamsters have been used to sell everything over the years. Those of us with longer memories recall them being used to advertise Kia cars around a decade ago. These days, you may be more likely to find them making cameo appearances in the world of online gambling.

Whilst that might sound strange, the world of online casinos - and especially online slot games - has changed and evolved dramatically in the past few years. The range of different games on offer has broadened and diversified to account for the interests of people visiting slot game websites. That means if you’re interested in motor racing, you can find an online slot based around motor racing. If you’re interested in rock music, you can find a slot game based on that, too. And, if you’re interested in cute furry animals, you guessed it - that interest is now being catered for at a virtual casino.

Whether or not you could be tempted into paying them a visit yourself is up to you, but we’ve compiled a list of online slot games that feature hamsters. They may not be in the starring role, but they frequently turn up in bonus rounds to offer encouragement or extra features to players. There are many games which feature a number of cute and furry characters - ‘Fluffy Favourites’ being one of them - but we’ve confined ourselves to just those ones which feature bonafide, unmistakable hamster appearances. Not so much hamster wheels, but hamster reels!

Purrfect Pets

As you may have guessed from the title of this game, the focus is a little cat-friendly. Putting a cat and a hamster too close together tends not to be great advice for pet owners, but it works just fine for this game. They don’t get into any confrontations, and the bonus round focuses on cats versus dogs, in their age-old battle.

’Purrfect Pets’ hamsters appear on the reels, as symbols you’re looking to match up to win prizes. The game offers adjustable minimum bets, which means you can bet a little or a lot depending on your budget and your attitude to risk, and for more experienced and determined players there’s a progressive jackpot, which offers a payout of 30,000 times your stake. That one will take a little time and effort (and a lot of luck) to get to, though!

Hillbillies Cashola

Do you associate hamsters with hillbillies? No, us neither. Apparently somebody does though, because they make a number of appearances in the ‘Hillbillies Cashola’ game. You won’t make any mistake as to where the game is set; we’re in the deep country accompanied by country folk and a whole range of animals. Hamsters are definitely among them; keep an eye out for them and they’ll make cute cameo appearances at the bottom of the reels. They may or may not have a little something to do with your bonus rounds!

This is a fun, cartoonish game which was made and should be played with tongue firmly in cheek. As with ‘Purrfect Pets’ there’s an adjustable minimum and maximum bet, and a progressive jackpot to chase, so the game is fine to play for veterans and newcomers alike.

Lucky Pets

Hamsters are by definition lucky pets - they have us to look after them, after all - so it’s no surprise to see them turning up in a game that has that name. This is a slot game that makes no attempt to hide the fact that it’s going for the ‘cute and cuddly’ market, and nor should it. It’s endearing to look at, and simple to play.

Unlike some of the more modern slot games, this one doesn’t try to wow you with lots of extra bonus rounds and features. There are no wild or scatter symbols; you just need to find hearts or bars and match them up to win increasing prizes, with an adoring row of hamsters gazing back at you if you’re lucky. Sometimes, simplicity is bliss; that’s the feeling that the makers of this game were going for.

South Park: Reel Chaos

No, we didn’t put this here by accident, there really is a ‘South Park’ inspired slot game that also contains hamsters. That might sound a little ‘out there’, but then hasn’t that always been the point of ‘South Park’? Here’s another twist on the usual view of hamsters, too; the hamsters are actually the bad guys in the game. How dare someone portray them that way!

An army of evil hamsters (we feel wrong even typing that) appears when the bonus game is triggered, and the character ‘Mintberry Crush’ has to do battle with them in order to progress the player towards additional multipliers and free spins. That is, of course, if you can bear to fight hamsters in the first place! To be fair to the game, this is an incredibly well-done take on the television show that truly immerses you in the world of the cartoon. It’s a lot of fun to play.

There you have it; that’s four ways to can enjoy a casino experience whilst involving hamsters at the same time. That’s something you probably wouldn’t have been able to say ten years ago. Hopefully there will be more, similar titles on the way; ideally ones where the hamsters are working with us instead of against us!

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