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10 Reasons Why Hamsters Make the Best Pets

Hamsters are small but mighty creatures, not to mention adorable and entertaining. It’s no wonder they’re a widely popular pet.

What is it about these fuzzy little animals that make them such an ideal companion?

We’ll give you ten reasons why a hamster should be the next addition to your fur family.

1: They’re Friendly

Some people might be skeptical of the idea of sharing a home with a rodent - after all, some rodents are unwelcome visitors in our homes.

Hamsters, however, can make friends - unlike that mouse that lives underneath your floorboards. Most captive-bred hamsters are quite tame from an early age.

2: They’re Fun

They’re also quite funny. A hamster going for a spin on the exercise wheel is entertaining, especially when you realize how fast they can go.

They don’t have to spend their whole lives in their habitat, either. Put them in a hamster ball and let them tour your house - you might find your hamster follows you around.

3: They’re Low-Maintenance

Sure, all pets require care. As far as pets go, though, hamsters are fairly easy to care for.

Weekly cage cleanings are probably the toughest part of the job. The rest is as simple as feeding, watering, and providing a few essentials for your pet.

4: You Don’t Have to Take Them Outside

While you can take your hamster outside in decent weather - and a safe environment - you don’t have to. Unlike dogs, they have no need for daily walks or trips to the bathroom.

This makes them ideal for people who live in apartments, the disabled or elderly, and people who live in harsh climates.

5: You Can Leave Them Unattended for Short Periods

Going away for the weekend? It’s probably fine to leave your hamster alone in their habitat. No kenneling is necessary when you’re going away for a night or two.

Just leave plenty of water and enough food, and your hamster can self-sustain. If you’re gone for more than a few nights, it’s better to have someone look in on your pet - but they won’t have to do much besides refill food and water containers.

6: There are So Many to Choose From

Like dogs and cats, there are many different breeds of hamsters. Russian Dwarf hamsters are amongst the most popular and friendliest of breeds. They’re also quite small.If you want a slightly bigger pet, a Chinese Hamster could be perfect for you.

7: You Only Need One

Unlike guinea pigs who must be kept in pairs, hamsters do better when they’re alone in their enclosure. In fact, they’re so territorial that some breeds kill if they have to share space.

Russian Dwarfs are a breed that can be kept in pairs without much risk of fighting.

: They’re Gentle

Handle them with care, don’t spook them, and they won’t have any reason to bite or scratch you. They can be a little jumpy, so avoid startling them or waking them up.

9: They Sleep During the Day
Hamster care during the day is virtually nonexistent since they love to sleep all day. If you’re worried about leaving a pet for long hours while you’re at work, you won’t need to worry about a hamster. They’ll be snoozing either way.

10: They’re Perfect for Learning What it Takes to Have a Pet

Adults and children alike often underestimate the care involved with a pet. Hamsters make excellent starter pets since they don’t require lots of attention.They will, however, give you an idea of how extra responsibility will fit into your life, and if you’re cut out to be a pet parent.


Hamsters are a great pet for anyone, especially if you don’t have a lot of spare time. These entertaining companions are a fun and easy addition to almost any household.

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