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5 Tips on How to Take a Vacation with your Pet

hamsterJust a thought of you going for a vacation will make you so happy and delighted. But there is also a bad feeling when you know that you will leave your favorite pet at home. Do not worry because listed below are the top 5 tips that you can employ to travel with you pet and avoid the agony of leaving your darling behind. When you are with your pet, youíll enjoy your vacation without worrying about their welfare in your absence.

1.    Talk to your vet before you plan for the trip

Like you would want to see your doctor for check-ups, your pet also needs to visit the vet. He is the one that is an expert in your petís health. It would be best to seek the opinion of the vet. He/she can know whether your pet is in a condition to travel or not. If there are any health issues with your pet, the vet will advise you on whether to go ahead with the vacation, leaving the pet behind or carry some medicine along. Your vet will also advise you on whether you will need a health certificate before you go depending on your destination.

2.    Choose your Mode of Transport Wisely

Before you decide on the mode of transport, you need to know whether their temperament will allow them to use the means that you are going to choose. Can they handle a road trip? Will they be comfortable on a plane?If you are traveling in a car or a train, you can carry them on your lap or use a comfortable carrier or pet bed. If itís a plane, make sure you look into the specific rules and regulations about traveling with pets before your journey. Different airlines have different laws. For instance, some airlines allow small dogs and cats to travel in the cabin in a soft carrier, while others allow pets to be transported in the cargo hold only. It gets better when you are using a private jet because then, you can have your pet sit with you in the cabin in its own seat.

3.    Make time for toilet and play breaks

Make sure you make as many stops as possible for your pet to relieve themselves if you are traveling in a car. Dogs can benefit from these breaks because they will be able to stretch their legs and play a little bit. If it is a plane, follow the specific toileting and feeding instructions provided.

4.    Pack for your pet.

It would be best if you packed a specific bag for your pet. Listed below are several essentials that you must to pack:    
  • Food and water dishes
  • Treats
  • An ample supply of food
  • Waste disposal bags
  • Toys
  • A brush and grooming supplies
  • Any medication that your pet takes
  • A pet bed and blanket.
You should also make sure that your pet has an appropriate ID. This is very important because when it gets lost, it would be easy to identify it. Ensure your pet has a tag that contains your mobile number, just in case something happened to them.

5.    Choose accommodation wisely

Your accommodation alternatives are more limited when you are traveling with your pets. Not every hotel or Airbnb will allow pets on board. Ask the following questions before booking for your accommodation:    
  • Are pets allowed to stay in rooms on their own?
  • Do they allow different kinds of pets?
  • Will there be an additional pet fee?
  • Do they charge a refundable cleaning deposit?
After you do all the above, you can now enjoy your vacation with your favorite friend, your pet!

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