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4 Things You Should Consider Before Buying A Hamster For Your Kid

hamsterYour kid walks up to you one morning and asks if they can have a hamster. You proceed by telling your child about the value of responsibility, and that they're going to take care of a living creature. Once your little one agrees to the duties, it's time to get your kid a pet hamster. But, take note of these four essential factors to consider before you select a hamster from the pet store:

Nocturnal Creatures

Unlike many cats or dogs, hamsters tend to become active at night. You may see these little creatures scurrying about their cages in the day, but they’ll fall asleep soon after drinking water or eating a few pellets.

Also, this nocturnal demeanor means that hamsters can disrupt sleep. Although these critters are tiny, they can produce a racket that might hinder your child from getting a good night’s sleep. Hence, it should be wise to put the hamster cage away from your kid’s bedroom.

The Cage

You can find a range of pet supplies on the Internet, but it can be challenging to choose the right tools for specific tasks. Consider reading credible online sources, like Petsumer, to know which pet item stands out from the rest.

With that in mind, always choose a durable cage for the new hamster. Some hamsters can nibble on cages. Although the action doesn't seem like it'll do significant damage to the cage's structural integrity, continuous biting will eventually lead to a hole in the enclosure. You don't want your child to wake up one morning with a troubled face upon seeing that their hamster cage is now empty.

Pick a hamster cage that’s not only durable, but the enclosure should also last more than a few weeks. Some hamster cages you may consider are:

  • Wire Cages: These enclosures tend to have galvanized steel constructions, making them tough to chew on by tiny hamster teeth.
  • Plastic Habitats: A relatively inexpensive option, but plastic cages tend to break easily. Consider buying a plastic habitat as a secondary cage, like using it as an enclosure for a hamster playground.
  • Glass Tanks: Glass aquariums can also become excellent hamster cages. But, air can only flow from the top, which might make hamsters overheat during the hot summer months without the right cooling system.

The Type Of Hamster

Hamsters may look the same, but they have different breeds. Similar to dogs and cats, hamsters come in different types.

For instance, you can choose between four dwarf hamster species, which are Winter White, Campbell’s Russian, Roborovskii, and Chinese. You may also consider the color of the critter’s fur before the purchase. Let your child pick the color as they will be the person who’ll become the parent to the little creature.

Hamsters can come in a variety of color coats, including brown, white, gray, black, and golden-brown. Some hamsters have different color combinations, and some of these critters will have spots in various areas of their furry little bodies.

Solitary Critters

Please take note that some pets, particularly dogs, like to be with other animals of their kind. The same story might not be accurate for hamsters.

Many, if not most, hamsters are solitary beings, which means that they like to be alone. You might think that buying a hamster pair is an excellent idea to prevent both critters from becoming lonely. But, always separate hamsters, especially for male and female species.

Hamsters become anxious and temperamental when disturbed. So, make sure to buy one cage per hamster if you decide to get more than one of these small animals.

Moreover, you might think of breeding these tiny creatures in the future. If so, check for the signs when the mating season is active. Once you're sure that it's the right time to mate, put the two hamsters in one cage.

Observe the two pets; once the female hamster gets pregnant, separate the two critters again. Take note that hamsters can breed relatively quickly. Once the mom gives birth to the litter, the father might attack the newborns out of anxiety or frustration. In turn, the mother can attack the dad in defense.

Proper care will prevent multiple hamsters from harming each other. This procedure will also teach your child to pay close attention to their pets’ habitats.


Tell your kid about the responsibilities of being a parent to a hamster. The child must know the personality of and care conditions for their hamster so as not to shorten the lifespan of the little being. Owning a hamster is an excellent way for your child to learn responsibility, which they can bring as they grow older.

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