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5 Mistakes of First-Time Hamster Owners
Source: hamster-club.com

hamster sleepingWhether you decided to have a hamster as a pet, or you received one as a gift, itís essential to be prepared and take care of it properly. But, donít worry, as itís your first hamster, youíll probably make some mistakes in the beginning. That being said, in this article, we have included top mistakes along with useful information about hamsters.

Fluffy Toys

Although there are perfectly safe toys, you can use to play and bond with your hamster, make sure to avoid at all cost stuffed or fluffy toys. The hamster might chew the toy and accidentally choke on the stuffing. But otherwise, you can purchase chewy toys. They are beneficial for them as the hamsterís teeth will grow fast, so it will need something to chew on. 

But if you feel you need more information that will help you to care about him/her better, then itís important in the beginning to check reliable articles that provide detailed information. This article offers great insights for beginners on how to look after a hamster.

An exercise wheel is another good toy for a hamster because your hamster needs daily physical exercise, and itís also a good way to keep your pet fit and healthy. They love to run, and actually, in the wild, they run several miles per day, so your hamster would love this toy.

The Right Place for Its Cage

When you bring your hamster home, it can be an overwhelming change for your pet. Keep the cage in a room that isnít so busy during the day, because hamsters tend to be easily disturbed by loud noises. This is important to keep in mind when youíre picking the perfect spot for your little hamster.

Take Time to Bond with Your Hamster

A lot of owners want to bond immediately with their new pet. Itís understandable, and in some cases, it happens relatively fast. However, your hamster will need some time to get used to the new environment and you. This means that itís better to try no to pick it up in the first week and take things slow.  Otherwise, your hamster might get defensive and bite you.

Once your hamster is used to you and the new surroundings, then you should know that hamsters are nocturnal creatures that sleep mostly during the day, so you could play with it in the evenings.

Reproduction of Hamsters

In case you have a female hamster, she will be ready for mating when she reaches approximately eight weeks of age.  This is important in case you have male and female hamsters in the same cage. Also, hamsters tend to get aggressive when they mate; therefore, make sure to never put female and male hamsters in the same cage.  If you want your hamster to have babies, then itís highly advisable to leave this part to professionals. 

Hamsters and Other Pets

Hamsters donít get along with cats and dogs, and they might be perceived as prey. Moreover, they shouldnít be handled by small children, as they can bite them if they get scared. Dwarf hamsters are quite social and will love a companion, but Syrian hamsters, are more solitary animals.


It might take some time for you to get acquainted with your hamster, its character, and to become friends with it. However, like any other pet, it will respond to your care and love while itís also beneficial for your health to have a pet.  In case you need further information, or youíre worried about your pet, always make sure to talk to a vet before you make significant changes in its diet or habitat.

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