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Who Are The Celebrities Who Love Hamsters?
Source: hamster-club.com

Hamsters have long been one of the world’s favorite pets, since they are so easy to take care and furry balls of cuteness. So, it is no surprise to see that lots of celebrities have fallen in love with these adorable creatures over the years.

Which stars have enjoyed spending time looking after hamsters? 

Justin Bieber Gave Away His Pet to a Fan

The Canadian singer is known to be a keen animal-lover, with his long list of pets including a cat, a snake, and a monkey. Yet, one of his most celebrated pets was a little hamster called Pac that he famously gave away to a fan.

Pac became briefly famous when Bieber added pictures of him on Instagram. However, he then decided to give his pet away to a fan, chosen at random, after a show one night in Atlanta back in 2012.

The hamster retained his fame, as many of the singer’s fans started following Pac on his new owner’s social media account instead.

The Arizona Diamondbacks Had a Hamster as a Mascot

It is normal for sports teams to have a pet that they name their mascot, as a way of bringing them good luck, and this baseball team had a furry friend called Slider.

It was revealed a few years ago that the MLB team’s pitcher Josh Collmenter had brought the pet to the team’s base and has left him rolling around the place inside a plastic ball.

It isn’t clear what happened to Slider after this was first reported, though. Collmenter left the Diamondbacks team in 2016 and went on to play for the Atlanta Braves, but it isn’t clear if he took his hamster to Atlanta with him or left him in Arizona.

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Matthew McConaughey Rescued Hamsters and Other Pets

We don’t know whether this actor has ever had pet hamsters of his own, but we do know that the animal-lover saved at least two of these adorable creatures in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina hitting Louisiana in 2005.

McConaughey joined an animal rescue group to help 70 pets that had been deserted by their owners when the giant storm landed.

He is also known to have owned several rescue dogs that he often takes out running on the beach with him and we are left wondering whether the actor also has a hamster or two at home.

Ice Hockey Player Steven Stamkos’ First Pet Was a Hamster

Steven Stamkos has enjoyed a stellar career in the NHL and is currently the captain of the Tampa Bay Lightning team. In an interview where he was asked about things his fans didn’t know about him, he confirmed that his first pet when growing up was a hamster.

She was called Coco and the star said that they had to try and trap her a lot because she used to try and run away from home regularly. He didn’t reveal if he had ever owned other pets of this type, or if Coco is the only hamster that he has had in his life.

The British Royal Family Has a Pet Hamster

The British Royal Family formally announced in 2017 that young Prince George and Princess Charlotte were to get a new pet. A hamster known as Marvin joined the Royal circle and he was described by the Duchess of Cambridge as being “really small”.

Marvin has become popular on social media despite never being photographed. Cute drawings of him with different outfits and in a variety of settings have made the account called @TheRoyalHamster a popular place for hamster fans and Royal watchers.

Here you have the celebrities who fell in love with hamsters. If you love your furry friend, you can check the best pet subscription boxes here and find a perfect gift to make your hamster a bit happier!

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