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Small pets have helped people’s mental health during COVID

A lot of people suffered from different mental health issues during the pandemic which was caused by COVID and led to millions of us spending long periods at home. Many of us turned to get pets during the lockdowns to help us improve our mental health as pets are a great distraction from what is currently happening.

How did the small pets help?

Many people purchased dogs and cats during the lock downs but for some people, these were not the pets that they wanted to get, and this is what led many to get smaller pets. Pets have been known to help a lot of people with mental health issues them giving people something to love and to care for which has helped them to distract themselves from the day-to-day life and the same routine that they have been used to.

Hamsters have proven to be a great small pet to have, and they have helped many people overcome mental health issues at home during the pandemic by offering people something to love and take care of whilst having fun with them as well. Hamsters all have different personalities so it is fun for the owners to get to know them and once they do; they will have a great time playing with their new hamster.

Are they still a popular choice?

Small pets are still a popular option for a lot of people looking to get a pet with pet shops struggling to keep up with the demand to buy small pets. During the lockdown, the sale of pets increased by huge numbers with animal breeders not being able to keep up with the demand of pets needed and wanted by millions of customers across the world and especially in the United Kingdom.

With all that has been mentioned above, you can see why small pets make a great choice of pet and how they have helped with people’s mental health over the past few years and look set to keep helping people for years to come.

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