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Homemade Hamster Toys

hamsterToys for hamsters are an inexpensive and effective method to keep your pet happy and healthy. When making hamster toys at home, it's necessary to use safe materials for hamsters and supervise them frequently.Hamsters are known for their love of chewing, so make sure your creations are safe for them to eat.

Additionally, given their diminutive size and agility, you do not want anything to fall on them!Toys for hamsters range from homemade chews to houses and ladders. Suitable building materials are cardboard boxes, toilet roll tubes, wooden popsicle sticks, and non-toxic glue.Let's see how to make the best homemade hamster toys for your pet. It is as easy as playing Poker Online.

Hamster Chew Sticks

Make your hamster chew toys with this simple tutorial. You can produce hamster chew sticks at home. Wood skewers, white flour, water, and scissors are all you need to make these delicious treats. Start by cutting 3-inch long sections off the wood skewers.To manufacture a non-toxic adhesive, use white flour and water in a 1:1 ratio. After that, use a brush or a dip to apply the glue to the skewers. Five of them should be put together. Check to see if it's charred before giving it to your pet.

Homemade Chew Ball

It's easy to construct a fun chew toy for your hamster out of toilet paper tubes. This chew toy doesn't even require adhesive.Cut a tube into five rings of equal size by slicing it in half lengthwise. Three of these are all you need, but splitting it into five ensures that it's the correct size for your needs.One of the rings is pushed inside the other to form a sphere. Then, insert the third ring into the first two, and repeat the process.The result will be spherical or toilet tube sections with small gaps between them after completing this step. Fill it with treats like sunflower seeds or mealworms if your hamster doesn't appear to enjoy it. Play around with the rings by cutting them into various shapes and stacking them together.

Clever DIY Hamster Toys

When you're making hamster toys, it's easy to think beyond the box. Pop-up mazes can be made out of cardboard boxes.Fill brown paper bags with paper bedding that has been pierced with holes. Old socks may be used to create tunnels by wrapping them around an empty paper towel roll.


You may permit your imagination to go wild with a homemade hamster toy playground. If you want to play around with it, you may add more ladders, change the design of the frame, and add tubes. Make your hamster's life a little more exciting by building him a new home.

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