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Disinfexpet for Hamsters

Disinfexpet Happy Hamster spray is one-step/no-rinse, and, most importantly, safe for hamsters and children. The spray is so safe that your hamster can remain in his/her habitat.

Remove the most soiled bedding, add more, and spray the bedding, toys, wheel, food dishes. When adding water to the bottle, a quick spray is veterinarian recommended.

Your common household chemicals are NOT safe, can't be used around food/water, and must be rinsed. These include bleach, quats (look for "ammonium" on the label), ammonia, alcohol, and hydrogen peroxide.

The safest certified FDA/EPA disinfectant is hypochlorous acid (HOCl). Your supermarket sprays the produce you eat with it, and is the disinfectant of choice by WHO (the World Health Organization). All mammalsí white blood cells naturally produce HOCl.

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