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Hamster Article about unexpected Hamster Pregnancy
Author: Nadia Vella
Source: www.hamster-club.com

Baby HamstersSometimes, when buying 2 hamsters or more (in the case of dwarf russian hamsters, campbell hamsters or roborovski hamsters) it could be very hard to determine the gender of these hamsters due to their small size and thus this could result in unexpected pregnancy.
To know the gender of the hamster, the distance between the openings of the rear is important. In the case of a female hamster, these two openings would be more close together. If still breeding takes place because instead of having two hamsters of the same sex these were of opposite gender one should try his best to treat the babies as best as he could.
If the female hamster gives birth, make sure you leave the mother hamster in peace and do not disturb her. The nest should never be touched or else this could result in cannibalism. The hamster cage should not be cleaned too as the scent of humans could panic the mother hamster and kill the poor baby hamsters. After 3 weeks, you can clean the cage and also can touch the hamster babies. Make sure the hamster babies have plenty of food and drink. Provide additional bread soaked in milk in a small food bowl as this will provided extra proteins both for the mother and baby hamsters. 
One of the common questions hamster owners have after their dwarf hamsters have babies is whether they can leave the male together with the female. This can be done, but would also result in breeding again so removing the male hamster to a separate cage would be more appropriate since it would not be healthy for the mother hamster to have two consecutive pregnancies. Nevertheless if the male hamster is left with the female hamster, he would help the mother hamster in bringing the babies up. This only happens in dwarf hamsters as the other types of hamsters are solitary and this would definitely not take place.
A hamster is sexually mature at 4 weeks of age. At this age, hamsters can be separated from the mother as they no longer need milk from their mother hamster and they become sexually active too, so dividing the different genders is very important in order to avoid in-breeding.

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