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Distinguishing Male Hamsters
Author: Nadia Vella
Source: www.hamster-club.com

Most of the time it is very tricky to determine the gender of your hamster.
A male hamster will have testicles and by time these will become more noticeable.
The back end of the male tends to be elongated and rounder in appearance in comparison to the female (this feature is very noticeable in Chinese Hamsters and in Syrian Hamsters).
Often these testicles start showing when the hamster reaches 4 weeks of age. At 3 months of age, they are very visible and before that age that area will be smaller, and as the male hamster grows, the area will appear larger. 
Contrary, the female hamster will not have the back 'hump' and the area between the anus and the vaginal opening are much closer together. Also, only female hamsters have nipples.

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