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The story of my Dwarf Hamster with a cyst
Author: Matthew
Source: www.hamster-club.com

Hamster CystI took my dwarf hamster to a vet today. The vet told me that it was his first time to see such a lump on a hamster, and he also said that he didnít know what the hamsterís lump was.
He concluded that the hamsterís lump could be a mouth ulcer, the ulcer would grow day by day, by time it will grow big, it will just pop out from the hamsterís mouth.
Secondly, the hamsterís lump could have appeared due to a genetic result; as we know hamsters breed very fast, they could be brother and sister mating which results in a genetic disorder which could lead to a lump like this.
The vet removed the hamsterís lump and stitched it back. During these 2 weeks, it will be a crucial period for my hamster.  The vet concluded that the hamster's lump was a cyst in the buccal cavity.
When the vet wanted to touch my hamster, my hamster sensed that and made noises and ran away from the vet! But when I touched it, it never moved and kept quiet. This is the first time that I actually noticed that my hamster can recognise me. I'm so touched of it. 

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