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Hamster's old age and the process of dying
Author: Nadia Vella
Source: www.hamster-club.com

Hamster's old age and the process of dyingWhen the hamster begins to reach one year old, it will start getting old and some thinning of the coat is a very common sign of old age in hamsters.
This may be linked with hormonal problems especially if the hair loss is present in corresponding patches on both sides of the body. Also the hair might become grayish or whitish in some parts. The hamster's fur may also appear greasier especially in the case of roborovski hamsters. Some hamsters even develop crusty skin.

Some old hamsters may suffer from heart problems and these can lead to the hamster breathing difficultly. Some hamsters may also lose weight.
Your pet might also have lack of energy and the best thing to do is to slow down its lifestyle by preventing it from exercising on the wheel.
Also you may cut fatty seeds such as sunflower from the hamsterís diet.
If the hamster shows any signs of illness, then these should be treated quickly treated by a vet as an elderly hamster may deteriorate very quickly when ill.

Also, the last symptom that a hamster is going to die is that the hamster pees in its nest when usually it doesn't.  Then the hamster moves on to another location of the cage where it rarely went to.  This means that the hamster has only a few hours of life and that it chose that spot to die. 
I know that this may sound strange, but most hamsters do that.  It is very sad when your hamster dies, especially if you watched it growing up from a very young hamster and then you see the process of the hamster's old age until it dies, but a hamster will always be a loving company to anyone wishing to have a small and loving pet.

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