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carmina armentano from Philippines
email: carmina.armentano@yahoo.com

i love this site, really helpful!! xoxo
jennifer scott from USA
email: jenniferscott5678@gmail.com

Thank u for letting me join your club. The ppl I've met and their animals have given me a reason to smile.
Mildred C. Laroya from Philippines
email: MildredBing.Laroya@yahoo.com

Thank you for being part of Hamster-club.
Nithina Preechathaveekid from Thailand
email: anithin@hotmail.com

Nice website! >w<
Connie summerlin from United States
email: angelitotraviezo89@gmail.com

Long Ling Pang from Canada
email: longpang@hotmail.com

I love Hamster-club so much, it has help me answer so much questions. Thank you! I'm so glad I found this club and joined!
Jannina Morales from Venezuela
email: jannymc@hotmail.com

Hello I like a lot your page as we can see tips, advices, and lot of info about hamster to take care of our pet. Besides I like the photos that all members share.. Incluiding me!! And the comentas of all of US, great page contin˙e with this excellent work!!
Jess Tang from Malaysia
email: jesslwt_tang@hotmail.com

Great site! All hamsters owner share their hamsters cute pictures and I earn lots of info here. Keep it up!
Lizzie from United Kingdom

I love these hamsters and the e card is amazing have sent it to so many people!
searlena flesher from United Kingdom
email: searlenajane@yahoo.co.uk

love the pictures you post

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