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    The Hamster Bungalow

    • A cozy place where people can discover useful and funny things about their beloved hamsters. How about if you could learn more about you favorite, little creatures, from someone who loves them as much as you, the number one hamster lover? A website where you will feel like at home, with helpful information about hamster diseases, hamster care, food, toys, funny games with hamsters and much more added often.

  • The Hamster Corner

    • Everyone needs a little extra attention... Especailly when it is you and your pet. You each should get a lot out of eachother, whether you are mad or happy!

  • The Hamster Site

    • The Hamster Site

  • Viggy Sidney the Hamster

    • Viggy Sidney, a Teddy Bear Syrian hamster has started a blog, to share his experiences and make new hamster friends!

  • Wessex Hamstery

    • A specialist breeder and exhibitor with a small hamstery of Chinese Hamsters.

  • Wildbites Hamsters Dwarf and Syrian Hamsters

    • Wildbites Hamsters Dwarf and Syrian Hamsters

  • Wodent Wheels

    • Transoniq offers three exercise wheels, Wodent Wheels(TM), for small critters. Wodent Wheels feature a unique design with a safe solid running surface and a support stand without dangerous pinch areas. Available in three sizes: 8-inch diameter, 11-inch diameter, and 12-inch diameter (extra wide).

  • Woodland Hamstery

    • I have been keeping hamsters nearly all my life, but only really seriously since the Summer of 2005. I show under the Midland and Southern Hamster Clubs and attend as many shows as possible.

  • Wyeside Hamsters

    • I am a small-scale hamster breeder based in Hereford. I am a member of the Midland Hamster Club and an associate member of the Southern Hamster Club. I am endevouring to breed show quality Syrian hamsters with good temperments. I don't keep many hamsters or breed many litters a year this is because my hamsters are first and foremost my pets and I like to give them lots of love and attention.

  • Yaffle Hams

    • Yaffle Hams.

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